Volunteer Work Teams 


Work is underway at DL BR and we need lots of help to get camp ready for the next summer. While there will be a Memorial Day and Columbus Day work weekend, we couldn't possibly get everything we done in two long weekends. Unlike DL ADK we don't have to work around a summer program. Therefore consider this an open invitation to come and work when it works best for your schedule.

Deerfoot needs your help! The projects listed below are essential to the first phase of construction. If these items aren’t completed by the fall of 2018, the 2019 camp experience will be significantly degraded.

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1. Sign up to volunteer as a worker during one of the planned weekends. For those who just want to know when to show up and what to do, this option is for you.
2. There are a few projects that are critical to the construction timeline and require skilled construction know-how. If you have the capacity to lead a project (see below) please consider signing up to volunteer your leadership and expertise. You will work closely with Chief Nick who will coordinate workers and material.
3. Bring a friend. Even better, brings lots of friends, family, co-workers, men's groups, etc. Volunteer to organize a group. We can set your team up with its own project or couple you with a trade expert to help complete a major project for DL BR.… •

  • Refurbish garage into health center. Design complete. (Dave Tilley lead) June or July Start
  • Build boardwalk across south wetlands. Design complete. (Ken Kristiansen lead) July 9th- 16th.
  • Build piers and foundation for woodsmen cabins and pioneer lean-to. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Refurbish single and double-wide trailers. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Cut large outdoor amphitheater into hillside. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Build 4 treehouses. Design complete. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Cooking/ Kitchen crew support, ongoing.
  • Trail Maintenance, ongoing
  • Build assorted docks and raft. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Tune-up and service three Polaris ATVs and two Kawasaki Mules. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Clean out old barn.
  • Clean up debris in, around, under hill house.
  • Split, chip, burn down trees, ongoing.
  • Clear site, dig berms, construct rifle range. Design ongoing. Construction TBD.
  • Clear and construct archery range. Date and project lead TBD.
  • Clear and construct craft cabin, wildlife structure, Fishing hut. Date and project lead TBD.

Housing (wall and a bed) is limited at DL BR. Most volunteers should prepare to camp. Housing will be prioritized for anyone staying longer than a weekend.

Bathrooms are also limited. For large groups, port-a-potties will be utilized. Showers are also very limited. Opportunities to soap scrub are plentiful.

Married couple housing is very limited at DL BR. In most cases, couples may need to stay with other couples or in separate cabins. We do not have housing for families.

Remember to bring your own WARM bedding, towels, flashlight, etc. Like DL ADK, DL BR can have warm days and cold nights in the spring, summer, and fall. Lows at night in the spring and fall can be near freezing. Highs during the day, in the middle of summer, are typically in the high 70’s. Afternoon rain showers are common.

Please do not bring pets.

Work weekend is for adults. If you wish to bring someone who is under 18, please clear this with Chief Nick ahead of time.

There is a Hampton Inn in Cashiers, NC (20 minutes from camp). The town of Cashiers also has many bed and breakfast options.

We can also accommodate some campers/RVs.… •


Unlike DL ADK, DL BR does not have a commercial kitchen or pool of chefs to support work weekends. There are some small residential kitchens that will be available for warming meals. Breakfasts will be oatmeal, sausage gravy, pancakes. Lunches will be sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, sloppy joes Dinners will be lasagna, shepherd’s pie, stews, baked ziti.

Please consider bringing something with you; a main dish, a snack, both. We can keep it cold and then warm it for the group.… •